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Christopher Coccagna T-WE TEA


Christopher Coccagna

Founder/ Director of Truth & Beauty/Expert in Fabulous

Certified Tea Specialist and a tea superfan since he was young, Christopher always loved how tea brought people together and how community thrives over a cuppa. Having traveled the world and experienced tea cultures throughout Asia and the Commonwealth, Christopher returned home to create our very own tea community here in San Francisco. In 2007, he started hosting guerilla tea parties and teaching tea and whisky classes to shake up our impression of tea. In 2009, he then began blending tea without the use of flavorings or additives and discovered this method of tea blending is a rarity in the world and needed to grow, therefore T-WE TEA was born. On his days off, you might find Christopher sipping tea in a park or supporting the glitter industry.




Keir Lee

Director of Community & Wonder/Zombie Apocalypse Preparer/Writer

Growing up in the deep south, Keir had always thought that tea was supposed to be iced and filled with an enormous amount of sugar. One day while showing off his newly purchased "melon flavored tea" to a boy he had a crush on, his dreams were quickly shattered as he was told about the fact that he had purchased complete and utter bullshit. Slightly embarrassed and wanting to get to know this handsome man better, Keir took it upon himself to work beside this brave stallion and learn from him the masterful ways of tea and all things related. Fast forward to now: Keir has been working beside Christopher for over five years; traveling, blending, and spreading sarcastic T-WE love across America. On random weekends, you might find Keir reading, writing, or hiking until the sun goes down.