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In Luv With The Coco - Herbal Tisane

Size Guide
  • Once You Taste This, You'll Never Go Back 

    Chocolate fever, anyone? This slightly caffeinated herbal tisane fuses the world of hot coco and fancy pants tea. With silky coconut ribbon and a touch of peppermint, this smooth taste of rich cacao will have you begging for more.

    And whether its a selfishly essential gift to yourself, or a rando present for that gay best friend of yours (who thinks he was a saucy black woman in his past life, you know who I’m talking about)… give the gift of falling in love with the coco. And this time we’re NOT subtly talking about cocaine.  

Note: Chocolate shells do carry a stimulant, so if a chocolate dessert keeps you up all night, then don't drink this right before night night.  
    • Herbal Tisane Brewing

      Bring water to a boil

      2 tsp per cup of tea

      Let steep 5+ minutes

      Try resteeping your leaves

    • More to come...  We have some sloppy work ahead of us.  

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