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You’re Welcome - White Tea

Size Guide
  • A Confident Tea Blend For The Productive Dreamer

    You have a cold? Drink this. You're welcome. You have a stomach ache? I figured. You're welcome. You need a gift for a friend and you don't think they need cheap chocolate? You're welcome. This ginger themed white tea is as sharp as its name. From the freshness of the white Chinese Peony to the subtly delicious California orange slices, this blend will have you feeling ready to change the world. You're welcome.

  • White Tea Brewing

    Bring water to below boil - 195F

    2.0 tsp per cup of tea

    Let steep 3-4 minutes

    Try resteeping your leaves all day!

  • 1/2 Cold Brewed You’re Welcome
    1/2 Ginger Beer (we prefer Bundaberg)
    1 Shot of Vodka
    Add a splash of fresh squeezed Lime for some extra magic.

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