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Sippin’ Pretty - Herbal Tisane

Size Guide
  • You Are Beau-tea-ful, Inside & Out

    "California Girls, they're unforgettable..." a wise young philosopher once said. "Daisy dukes, bikinis on top..." I don't know about that second part, but one thing I do know is that California Girls are something special. This herbal goodness was created for just you (and all California girls at heart) to be beautiful from the inside out. This nettle based tisane can be used to help create flawless skin, soothe the cramps and headaches of lady time, and just tastes so darn good with soft mint and chamomile notes! 

    Included in every box are two cloth tea bags that can be used to first brew that delicious cup, and then be used as eye compressions. And once you're done with THAT, mix the used tea leaves with yogurt or honey, and you have yourself a DIY face mask. (You so fancy).

  • Herbal Tisane Brewing

    Bring water to a boil

    2 tsp per cup of tea

    Let steep 5+ minutes

    Try resteeping your leaves

  • 1/2 Cold Brewed Sippin’ Pretty
    1/2 Champagne
    A Half Shot of Honey Liquer
    And for extra glamorous sophistication, add a few drops of Rose Water.

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