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Across the Pond - Black Tea

Size Guide
  • Arif's Afternoon Award Winning Blend

    A tea to be enjoyed in the fullness of time by those with only the finest tastes and matching friends.

    Yes, this highly coveted, limited production and hand-blended tea combines a balance seen to few others. Yes, the black teas’ depth and charisma shows through, whilst any bitterness is avoided by the addition of a soft and gentle chamomile. Yes, the sweet smile of a coconut ribbon is just a taste away, but be careful, any sweet tooth is neutralised by the tickle of crushed cardamom and clove. Yes, you should buy some for yourself, your close friends and even your enemies.  And always remember, you're a star! 

  • Black Tea Brewing

    Bring water to a boil

    2 tsp per cup of tea

    Let steep 4-5 minutes

    Add milk and the most artisanal honey your lifestyle will afford

  • Coming Soon! We've got some sloppy work ahead of us!

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