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Urban Steepware Traveler

Size Guide

Imported from the future (or was that China?), these incredible 16oz glass bottles are changing our lives for the better!  Designed in Boulder, CO, the completely leak proof bottles open from both sides so you can control your tea brews like never before.  Take it camping, hiking, bike riding, or let it sit at your thrilling desk, there is no wrong way to use this versatile tea traveler.  

Made of high quality borosilicate glass, 18/8 stainless steel, silicon closures, and cork, these travelers are great for hot or cold.  Just pack your tea leaves into the removable laser cut infuser, twist it onto the cap, close the bottle, then fill with boiling hot or freezing cold water (luke warm is just boring).  The cork wrap on these keeps your hands safe and sound from the boiling amazing T-WE liquid within and will even keep it warm for up to 90 mins.  

Go get 'em, tigers.  


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