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T-WE Picks Pack - Leave It to Us!

Size Guide

Are you overwhelmed with what teas you should purchase to make your life complete?

Live life on the edge and let us pick for you. Its like Russian Roulette with tea! The Choose Your Own Adventure, without getting to choose. Free yourself from the oppression of choices. Live your life with abandoned bliss.

We all enjoy getting surprise packages in the mail from loved ones... so why not get a surprise package from yourself?


Just make sure you tell us if it's going to someone who WON'T get our humor.


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T-WE TEA Size Chart
T-WE Size Chart, Tin 20-25 servings, Refill for Tin 20-25 Servings, Bulk Empty Tin, 8oz 75 servings, 16oz 150 Servings.