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White Girl Please - Oolong Tea

Size Guide
  • Melt Away With T-WE's Latest Fad Diet

    Do you feel fat and frumpy, but all your friends tell you you're hot? White Girl Please. Do you have opinions about trending topics that you have no clue what really are about? White Girl Please. Do you enjoy mimosas for brunch in your yoga pants and  top knot bun? WHITE! GIRL! PLEASE! (Does this "offend" you? W.G.P.)

    This fancy pants OG is our hashtag trending fat fighting diva. She's gluten free (obvi) and ready to take on the world! Oolong is known to help your metabolism, and coconut has natural fats in it that fight off the fat in your body. Also both ingredients are very re-steepable, so we say: "Be cheap! Resteep!"

  • Oolong Tea Brewing

    Bring water to below boil - 195F

    1.5 tsp per cup of tea

    Let steep 2-3 minutes

    Try resteeping your leaves all damn day!

  • Coming Soon! We've got some sloppy work ahead of us!

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