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Cougar Tranquilizer - Herbal Tisane

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  • Down Beast, Down!

    Whether used as a sedative for an overly zealous "seasoned lady" or as an alternate option to your daily dose of Xanax, Cougar Tranquilizer is the relaxing tisane for you. Created specifically to calm the wildest of the feline kingdom: from Cougars to Panthers, to Pumas to Bobcats, and everything in-between. 
    The sweet chamomile blossoms, rose petals, and lavender are perfectly balanced with relaxing valerian root, calming passionflower, and California orange peel. It's also the first blend sweetened with licorice root, for a surprisingly delicious taste. 
    If you have a hunger for something fresh, new and youthful, then this one is what you're looking for.

  • Herbal Tisane Brewing

    Bring water to a boil

    2 tsp per cup of tea

    Let steep 5+ minutes

    Try resteeping your leaves

  • Coming Soon! We've got some sloppy work ahead of us!

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