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Adventures in Design Podcast Feature - The T-WE Backstory

by Christopher Coccagna February 25, 2016

Adventures in Design Podcast Feature - The T-WE Backstory

Adventures in Design Podcast DownloadNovember, 2014:

"Tea Bag Less in Life"  That was the moral of the story when interviewed by my dear bromantically involved friend and fellow crafting carnie, Mark Brickey of Hero Design Studio and Adventures in Design podcast.

Mark gives great radio.  In fact, his podcast is kinda a BIG deal and he is making waves in the design  and creatives circles.  It was an utter delight shooting the shit in the T-WE store as we sipped tea and talked about my journey in tea.  He really uncovered a beautiful story that I don't normally share with the world, and sadly he claimed the rights to the motion picture that will come about this story.  :D 

Update Feb 25, 2016: After this experience and the ripple effect of all who heard the podcast, I finally am starting to embrace myself as an artist.  I withheld from the title of artist because I only reserved that title to those who painted/photographed/etc as I saw myself as only a support to an artist (creator of tea).  This epiphany of the fact that I too am an artist and a business man has changed me from within and has transformed my view on T-WE TEA. My craft is important, and beautiful, and worthy of this world.  My insecurities as an individual are fading away, and as my small business is faced by mega competitors with limitless budgets, I feel braver as I have my craft and purity in my art form.  

It also helped me see how my life's path (though sometimes disastrous with the death of my father) is leading me to where I am supposed to be.  Though I feel sometimes I may have done some things half-hazardously, I realize now the small bits are adding up into a larger more beautiful story.  

Thank you for your support and listening.  You can download the podcast here

Christopher Coccagna
Christopher Coccagna


Certified Tea Specialist and Team Fabulous for T-WE TEA.

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