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by Christopher Coccagna October 02, 2013


Got Milk and T-WE TEA paired up to create new fun tea cocktails and night time sleep aids this winter season.

 GOT MILK? of California (yup, as in Aaarrron Burr) has asked Christopher Coccagna (your tea gentleman here at T-WE TEA) to be their Winter Campaign Spokesperson.  With that, comes deliciously creamy tea lattes, cambrics, and cocktails using milk in combination with T-WE TEA, of course!  Check out the news at or the recipes at!  In the coming weeks, expect to see Christopher on your morning news throughout California demoing these fabulous drinks.  How fun is that?  :)

Here’s a delicious preview:

The Lattes – tea and frothy delicious milk!

  • Lavender London Fog Latte – with lavender vanilla simple syrup featuring Guurl Grey in my version.
  • Cinnamon Rose Latte – with a touch of DIY rose water featuring Renegade in my version.
  • Matcha Green Tea Latte – vibrant, green, sexy…

The Cambrics – tea simmered and brewed into milk on the stovetop or slow cooker.

  • Vanilla Mint Cambric – so delicious and creamy.  Grumpy Dinosaur simmered  in milk on the stove with a touch of vanilla.
  • Slow-Simmered Chai – a fragrant classic.  I used Chai That as a base but gave some fun ideas as variations.
  • Good-Night Tea Milk Cambric – cozy and comforting, this Cuddle Bug & Sleepy Cloudcombination soothes and puts us worry worts to sleep like THAT!

The Cocktails – Kiki Time!  Easy adaptations on the above cambrics to create a party pleaser in no time!

  • Horchata Chai Martini – Whaattt?!?  Spicey and creamy, this takes horchata liquor and the Chai base from above to a new level.
  • Holiday Peppermint Cocktail – Got some Vanilla Mint Cambric left over?  Spike it and make it warm hot cocoa inspired beverage.
  • White Russian Caravan – a take on a classic milk cocktail, this spices things up with smokey Lapsang Souchong.

Full recipes and photos of all nine recipes are found at the website.

Christopher Coccagna
Christopher Coccagna


Certified Tea Specialist and Team Fabulous for T-WE TEA.

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