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T-WE TEA Pops Up All Over the Bay Area Media

by Christopher Coccagna December 12, 2013

T-WE TEA Pops Up All Over the Bay Area Media

We are excited to be listed in a wonderful Bay Area tea story alongside some esteemed tea colleagues (Samovar Tea's Jessie Jacobs and some great Bay Area chefs).  Written by Jennifer Graue, the story was featured in all the major Bay Area publications The San Jose Mercury News, The Contra Costa Times, and the Saratogian's Food Section.  Graue (a tea drinker as well) touches on of the rebirth of tea in food trends and highlights the latest creative uses our favorite little beverage.  Jennifer's Twitter and Wordpress.

Just as an FYI, Target doesn't carry the Sunday paper.  When you live and breathe in the San Francisco bubble, you don't realize how SF tends to shut out the rest of the Bay Area until you try finding one of the Bay Area's major publications besides the Chronicle at any major newsstand.  Our adventures turned desperate as we then headed to Alameda to find the Contra Costa Times but could only find Target and they couldn't find a latest copy.  To make it easier for you, here are the links:

San Jose Mercury News article here.

Contra Costa Times recipe by Christopher Coccagna for Got Milk's - White Russian Caravan.

Saratogian's Food Section article here.

Christopher Coccagna
Christopher Coccagna


Certified Tea Specialist and Team Fabulous for T-WE TEA.

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